AutoStyle: Automatic Style Transfer from Image Collections to Users' Images

EGSR 2014


Our system stylizes a user's photo by transferring style from a collection of images returned by a web search for a particular keyword. Examples: sepia (tone of old photos, reduced local contrast), desert (enhanced orange color, reduced global and local contrast), spring (enhanced green color, enhanced saturation, enhanced local contrast), New York (enhanced blue/violet tone, enhanced local contrast).


Stylizing photos, to give them an antique or artistic look, has become popular in recent years. The available stylization filters, however, are usually created manually by artists, resulting in a narrow set of choices. Moreover, it can be difficult for the user to select a desired filter, since the filters’ names often do not convey their functions. We investigate an approach to photo filtering in which the user provides one or more keywords, and the desired style is defined by the set of images returned by searching the web for those keywords. Our method clusters the returned images, allows the user to select a cluster, then stylizes the user’s photos by transferring vignetting, color, and local contrast from that cluster. This approach vastly expands the range of available styles, and gives each filter a meaningful name by default. We demonstrate that our method is able to robustly transfer a wide range of styles from image collections to users' photos.


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